About us

ALUMA invests in infrastructure

About Us

Aluma (ALUMA) is an Infrastructure Investment Fund listed on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) since November 2021.


Established in 2020, the Fund complies with the recommendations issued in the final report of the Committee for the Promotion of the Establishment of Listed Infrastructure Investment Funds which was written to further develop the infrastructure in Israel, and to facilitate greater accessibility to investors from the public.


An executive team of seasoned professionals with proven capabilities in mega-project management heads the Fund. With decades of experience and expertise in the fields of infrastructure, management, finance, and capital markets, the management team has been a key player in most of the major transactions executed in the Israeli infrastructure market in Israel in recent years.


The Fund's founders are Ori Yogev (Chairman of the Board of Directors), Inon Yogev (former CEO), Muli Ravina (Chairman of the Investments Committee), Miki Zaharia (Director), and Nati Shachor.


Investment Policy

The Fund has formulated a proprietary investment model, which differentiates it from the other Infrastructure Investment Funds in Israel, and is based on three main principles:


The Fund's management has a "hands-on" approach to target companies, which aims to increase the efficiency of the companies' operations and improve their yields.


The Fund prefers and prioritizes investment in infrastructure companies over those companies working on projects or ventures in the field of infrastructure, as the Fund believes investment of this type can generate a higher yield.


The Fund focuses on infrastructure fields with the highest potential for growth: telecommunications, green energy, and the environment.