• Tamares Telecom

Tamares Telecom


Field – Telecommunications

Holding rate – 81.65%

The company is a major player in the telecommunications infrastructures field in Israel and globally through an international telecommunications network based on the company's fiber-optic undersea cable between Israel and Europe and through extension services acquired from other European infrastructure owners. Furthermore, the company operates an onshore server farm in Tirat Ha'Carmel for the undersea cable. The company has a 32% holding in the telecommunications services company, ITC.


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  • Tibar Communication Towers

Tibar Communication Towers


Field – Telecommunications
Holding rate – 91%

An entrepreneurial company engaged in establishing and operating wireless telecommunication facilities leased under long-term commitments to various cellular companies. Presently, the company owns 65 sites containing 125 different telecommunications facilities, with expectations for significant expansion due to facility agreements with large companies. Furthermore, the company is working to establish private 5G networks, among them at the "Shlomo" stadium in Petah Tikva.


  • Esco Israel

Esco Israel


Field - Green Energy

Holding rate – 49.18%

Esco is an entrepreneurial company engaged in project planning, financing, performance, operation, and maintenance to increase energy efficiency, facilitate more efficient energy utilization by its customers and reduce their electricity expenses.

In addition, Esco is engaged in the production, distribution, and supply of electricity through solar energy. The company has established over 1,000 projects through which it has invested in equipment renewal and new advanced control systems. These projects have achieved considerable energy and operational savings that the company has allotted to its customers under long-term agreements.

Esco is also engaged in the cogeneration of electricity, and the development of smart grid and microgrid technology fields.

Esco holds an electricity distribution license from the Israel Public Utility Authority for Electricity.


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  • Chen Hamakom

Chen Hamakom


Field – Environmental and Waste Treatment

Holding rate – 35%

The company specializes in treating waste from the collection stage by establishing and operating transit stations for sorting, separating, recycling, and processing waste. The company maintains a fleet of approximately 120 vehicles of various types, which are used for removing waste and trash, and also owns two sorting facilities, which can handle more than 1,000 tons of trash a day. Chen Hamakom is in the advanced stages of receiving the statutory approvals required for establishing and operating two additional sorting facilities, which are expected to significantly increase the quantity of waste it can handle.


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